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Speech and Language Therapy - Students/Parents/Carers
Speech and Language Therapy - Students/Parents/Carers

Speech and Language Therapy - Students/Parents/Carers

Dad & Boy

Who can be Referred?

Anyone from 0 – 25 years can be referred. Prior to referrals being processed we will discuss the individual’s needs to ascertain if we are able to help. A referral form and a questionnaire will be sent for completion prior to an initial appointment. These must be completed prior to the initial assessment.


Where will we be seen?

Appointments can be arranged in schools, colleges, nurseries, pre-schools, your child’s home or “The Speech Den”.  Our service aims to meet the needs of each individual child/young person and therefore the venue for appointments may vary from session to session – however, this will be discussed and agreed by all parties.  This is all part of our client-centred holistic approach.

When can my child be seen?

Monday to Friday – 8-30a.m. – 5.15 p.m.

Saturday 9.00a.m. – 12.30p.m.

Both term time and school holidays.

What to Expect

Referral – once a child is referred an initial consultation will be offered at the earliest convenience.

After the initial consultation we will discuss recommendations with the child/client/parents/carers/teachers/other professionals and if further sessions are required, either for assessment or intervention. The format of these sessions will be agreed by all parties. Sessions vary with some clients requiring weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits depending on their need.

Regular sessions – If both parties agree to the number of sessions recommended, specific goals will be planned and a review date arranged. Owing to the nature of Speech and Language Difficulties it can be difficult to predict how many sessions will be required or for how long the child/young person will need to attend.  In some circumstances the child/young person may need to receive several blocks of intervention with breaks in between to allow for consolidation.

Will we need to do tasks/games/activities between sessions?

Yes! These tasks will be aimed at meeting the goals/targets outlined by the Speech and Language Therapist and can be incorporated into My Plans/My Plan+ and EHCP reviews.

In order for intervention to be successful activities will be given to practise outside of the therapy sessions, which will be demonstrated during sessions.

If seen in school/nursery/college it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure homework activities are returned to school for each appointment.

We will also provide teaching staff with activities so we can ALL work closely together to support the child/young person and get the most value out of 1:1 sessions. Evidence confirms that parental/school support and continuation of activities/advice/strategies is crucial to successful outcomes.

What happens if my child is seeing an NHS Speech & Language Therapist?

The referral forms record whether a child/young person has seen or is seeing an NHS therapist. In accordance with professional guidelines and policies there must be communication with the NHS therapist. This enhances collaborative practice and therefore benefits the child.

Further information regarding these guidelines can be provided on request.

Is it time for a speech-language assessment?


If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please consider the peace of mind that comes from a thorough evaluation. If further help is needed we are ready to help. Indications that an assessment may be needed include:

  • Difficulty speaking or being understood 
  • Difficulty producing certain speech sounds
  • Challenges communicating effectively with family, friends and teachers
  • A child who stutters or stammers
  • Problems understanding or following directions 
  • Trouble remembering or paying attention
  • Not using any words
  • Difficulty to making and sustaining friendships 
  • Frustration finding words to express basic needs
  • Difficulty reading and writing 
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Difficulty processing auditory information
  • Get ‘stuck’ on words 
  • Saying inappropriate things to others 
  • Difficulty playing with others

Some parents are initially concerned about their child being assessed for a speech or language problem. Parents sometimes worry that the assessment itself could leave their child feeling anxious. But our approach is nurturing, reassuring and always honest. We are holistic, play based and our keep aims are to support and develop the individual’s self confidence and self esteem whilst aiding their ability to reach their full potential.

“I love reading your emails about B as you are so positive. Mrs B was amazed at the difference in H compared to when she left the term before. She said the change was really noticeable - he was engaged and part of everything going on, often pre-empting things he wouldn’t have done before... That is the door that has been opened by Cathy's fantastic techniques for H which are being used far and wide!”
“B took part in the Festival today and came third. He read beautifully and it was so lovely to see him on stage speaking so clearly. We all felt so proud and pleased for him when you consider how we couldn’t understand what he said. You have been amazing and we were so fortunate to have found you. Thank you so much for all you have done for him.”
“Thank you so much for the work you did with H this Monday, she came home buzzing with everything you’d practiced and so proud of herself.”
“Thank you so much for this, we have seen such a change in F, her confidence is soaring and we have found so much more of the beautiful girl that seemed somehow trapped.”
“Thank you so much for what you did for T and me. I now can’t stop him talking, but partly I think that all those words and his imagination were locked away inside all the time. You are amazing and you have given us an amazing gift. T is doing so well at school, reading well and is still a kind, loving young man.”

Contacting The Speech Den:

You can contact the service between 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday

Telephone enquiries: 07876 537213 or 01242 539016

Email enquiries: