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Speech & Language Therapy in Schools
Speech Language Therapy in Schools
Speech & Language Therapy in Schools
Speech Language Therapy in Schools

Speech and Language Therapy in Schools

Over the past 7 years Cathy and The Speech Den team have established close links with a number of schools providing Speech & Language Therapy to over 20 schools across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire & Oxfordshire.

We support pupils in both Primary and Secondary schools. Some schools require 1 day per fortnight/month, others two days on a weekly basis. Our aim is to provide high quality timely intervention in a flexible manner thus meeting the pupils’ needs, budget requirements and supporting all those involved with each pupil. In some instances the school uses part of the pupil premium budget or specific EHCP funding from the Local Authority to deliver intervention.

All of our therapists hold current enhanced DBS Certificates are trained in current Safeguarding Child Protection procedures and receive regular clinical supervision and continued professional development.

The Speech Den promotes a collaborative approach working jointly with teachers, teaching assistants and parents to enhance the child’s Speech, Language and Communication Development.

In the school environment our Speech and Language Therapists work with pupils who have a range of needs including:

  • Speech & Language delay
  • Developmental Language Disorder
  • Auditory Processing Difficulties
  • Attention and Listening Delay/Disorder
  • Literacy difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Hearing Loss
  • Downs Syndrome
  • Selective Mutism
  • Verbal Dyspraxia

During our visits we work alongside teaching staff to prioritise the children who will benefit from further advice, assessment and/or intervention.

We can provide:-
  • Detailed observations and formal assessments
  • Informal liaison with teaching staff to advise on strategies for children within the classroom
  • One to one targeted intervention alongside Learning Support Assistants
  • Group therapy focussing on speech sounds, phonological awareness, reading comprehension, language skills, social communication etc)
  • In class support and team teaching with teachers to deliver specific programmes e.g. Social Thinking
  • Bespoke training packages to meet the needs of teaching staff
  • Input at EHCP reviews, target setting for My Plans and My Plan plus documents
  • Support to parents with home based programmes and advice on promoting positive communication in the home
  • Support to create an inclusive environment for those pupils with speech, language and communication needs
  • Training in specific school delivered early years programmes for prevention of communication difficulties


Speech and Language Therapy in Early Years Setting

Often schools request specific training to meet the needs of the pupils in school receiving Speech and Language Therapy.

Over the past two years the following training packages have been delivered to a range of different schools.

  • Supporting children with difficulties understanding language
  • Literacy Difficulties
  • Phonological Awareness – development, intervention and link to literacy
  • Social Thinking Concepts
  • How to develop children’s vocabulary
  • Understanding Information Carrying Words
  • How to teach reading comprehension and develop inferencing skills
  • Speech sound difficulties
  • ICan’s Talk Boost and Early Talk Boost training
  • Working Memory and strategies to support children remembering information
  • An introduction to Colourful Semantics
  • Auditory Processing Difficulties – identification, management and intervention
  • Cued Articulation
  • Selective Mutism
  • Normal Speech and Language Development and When to Refer to a Speech Therapist
“We’re not seeing the problems as the children move up through the school.”
SENCo Brockworth Primary
“I thoroughly enjoyed the training delivered by Cathy; the content was varied and pitched at a level I could understand easily. One of the most powerful parts of the course was the opportunity to engage in discussion with Cathy and the other participants. Listening to the experiences of others was a fantastic way of sharing ideas; Cathy then talked through any queries arising from our conversations so we could relate good practice back to our own working environments.”
Jo Scrivener, Teacher from the inclusion team – Kingsholm C. Of E. Primary School

Contacting The Speech Den:

You can contact the service between 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday

Telephone enquiries: 07876 537213 or 01242 539016

Email enquiries: