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Gestalt Language Processors Conference

The Speech Den is very excited to host an online GLP conference in 2024. This is the first of it’s kind and has the most incredible line up of Internationally renowned speakers.  Some of the topics being covered during the conference:

  • Marge Blanc- recap of stages and highlight stage 3-4, older students, supports for GLPs, reflections
  • Alex Zachos case studies- more complex cases (pre recorded), Working in Mainstream schools Alex Zachos (pre recorded)
  • Katie Arnold Meaningful speech Sampling and Scoring , hyperlexia
  • Lisa Galley- Autism school run mum- the nervous system and GLPs, lived experience of Parenting a GLP- reflections
    Supporting GLPs -NHS Speech & Language Therapy services
  • Elizabeth Lowton and Evi Typadi, Central London Community Healthcare NHS
  • Corinne Zmoos Crescendo Communication Music theory and GLPs
  • Emily Diaz GLPs and AAC
  • Jess Teixeira – Playhaven Using digital resources with our GLPs
  • Julie Holmes- Real tools for supports GLPs
  • Ruth Jones – writing MYplans and EHCPs for GLPs
  • Cathy Shilling and Kerry Murphy- supporting GLPs in Early years
  • Paulina Elias and Dr Amanda Blackwell Bilingualism and Multilingualism and GLPs Paulina Elias
  • Kelsie Olds OT – Sensory supports for GLPs
  • Ali Battle AAC in UK Ali Battye
  • Kate Boot and May Lam- Intersectionality and impact on GLPs and their families
  • Cathy Shilling – SLT sessions- reflections of what’s worked what hasn’t 
  • Happy Chatters- Parent and group sessions with GLPs

Who is this for:

We encourage everyone with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding in Gestalt Language Processing to attend, in particular:

  • SLTs
  • SLTAs
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Health & Education Professionals

What’s included:

Along with the conference, you will receive:

Opportunities to network ahead of and during the event, copies of handouts, a certificate of completion

When is it?

24-26 September 1-2 October 2024

Where is it?

How much is it?
£150 Launch price
£175 Earlybird
£200 regular price
£225 late to the party!
£80 parent/families/carers

Contacting The Speech Den:​

You can contact the service between 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday

Telephone enquiries: 07876 537213 or 01242 539016

Email enquiries: